How is it used? NFT Mystery Box Platform Token - https://cyberbox.art​
With SAVENFT you can:
  • Pay % fee on the sale of Mystery Box
  • Pay % fee for Mystery Box Launchpad
  • Buy/sell Mystery Box or NFT on Platform Aftermarket
  • Get reward for holding more than 100M SAVENFT
Fee on all transactions - 5%
  • 2% - to all holders of 100M+ SAVENFT (it has to be in your wallet)
  • 2% - 1.25% for marketing + 0.5% CTF & 0.25% DAOS buyback
  • 1% - LP created automatically
Tokenomics Total supply: 86,400,000,000,000 SAVENFT Distribution:
  • 3% farmed
  • 2% airdropped
  • 34% locked in CryptEx Locker -> We will have a DAO vote about it
  • 26% burned
  • 35% blocked in contract
Token Burning We have made a burn of 26% of the tokens during the first 30 days of farming.
Anti Whale System: We have implemented an anti-whale system for SAVENFT. So the user can't make a transaction that exceeds the 1% of the total supply.
Slippage Because of the tax fee the slippage needed wil have to be +6%
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