Daopolis Token
How is it used?
Daopolis Blockchain Game - https://daopolis.city​
With DAOS you can:
  • Buy NFT's on NFTL.art​
  • Buy Mystery Box & Collectibles by Daopolis Game
  • Use it in Daopolis game
  • Add DAOS/BNB LP to earn CTF
Token feature:
Burning 5% of tokens after each sales on auction
Tokenomics: Max supply: 86,400,000 Circulation: 80,181,165-> https://cybertime.farm/tokens to find the updated info
60%∼ (+55M) Locked for 5 years in CryptExLock serviceπŸ”’
  • 16.5% farming
  • 10% reserve fund
  • 10% marketing / team
  • 3.5% burn
  • 60%∼ locked for Daopolis
πŸ’΅ How to buy? Buy on ApeSwap
β›“ Explorer: BSCscan
πŸ“ˆ Price charts:
πŸ“£ Price channel: DAOS Price channel
πŸ”Ž Listings:
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