NFT Fantasy League

NFT Fantasy League v1

We have created a light version for selling NFT - NFTL.art The site consisted of auctions with authors who became residents of the Fantasy League.We have successfully held 9 auctions until we decided to transform the project.
We are planning to hold 10 auctions with unique NFTs and move on to the development of Fantasy League v2.

NFT Fantasy League v2

The new platform will be based on the Mystery Box Launchpad based on our own project. The concept of the Fantasy League and resident authors remains, only instead of auctions there will be Mystery Box with payment for DAOS.
We will develop #PlayToEarn modules where NFT can be used.
What modules are planned?
NFT Lottery You will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery but not with numbers, with NFT from the Mystery Box
NFT Battles Battle of two or more NFT artists from Fantasy League
DAOS staking Add DAOS tokens to the pool and get a Mystery Box for free! NFT Fantasy Teams League system for NFT artists, DAOS staking for artists to keep their league spot and the ability to create your Fantasy Team and win a prize
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