CyberTime Token Pass
You need to have this amount of CTF in your wallet to active the Token Pass
From the moment the v3 version of the tokens and NFT Mystery Box are launched, the CyberTime Token Pass system will operate.
You will need it to engage with our platforms:
And it will be required to carry out the following actions:
  • Access to the farming pools
  • Make a deposit to the farming pools
  • Claim the rewards of the farming pools
  • Participate in our actions
  • Buy NFT / Mystery Box on platforms
  • Create / sell NFT Mystery Box on the platform
The user needs to have a certain amount of CTF on the wallet at all times to be active. The amount will vary depending on the price, but the entry threshold will not be large and will not exceed $100.
At the time, the amount needed for the Token Pass is $25 of CTF
You will find in the display the amount of CTF next to your wallet information
We remind you that you always need to have $25 worth of CTF in your wallet to engage with our platforms. This means that, for example, if you want to access to the farming pools to make a deposit or to claim your rewards, you always need to have that amount CTF in your wallet.
Do not deposit the MAX amount of tokens in our current CTF single pool to farm SAVENFT, always keep $25 worth of CTF in your wallet to have the Token Pass active
Last modified 2mo ago
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