How to participate in an Auction
Follow these steps to buy NFT in our auction site
1 - Go to and connect your wallet
You will have to choose the option more convenient for you
2 - Once logged in the website, you will find the information about the amount of DAOS in your wallet
Balance of DAOS in your wallet
3 - Go to the Active tab of auctions and select the one you want to participate in
You will find the next auctions in "Coming Soon" and also the "Finished" ones
4 - Once inside the auction you will see the different rarities availables and the prices in DAOS
Rarity of the NFT, amount of NFT available for auction and prices
5 - Press the "Go to auction" button and there you will find all the current information about the auction
You will find the current top bid and the amount of daos available in your wallet
6 - Choose the amount of DAOS to bid and press the button "Place a bid"
The amount of DAOS to bid needs to be bigger than the current TOP BID
7 - Confirm the transaction with your wallet
Confirmation of the transaction
To earn the NFT you need to be inside the top 150 for Rare NFT, top 60 for Epic NFT, top 20 for Legendary NFT and top 5 for Genesis NFT
8 - You have enter the bid! you will now see the display with your bid and the position you are in the leaderboards
Currently the leaderboards are being fixed
9 - Once the time for the bid has passed, you will find the Claim button to send the NFT to your wallet
Claim the NFT you have earned on the auction
In case you didn't qualify inside the top bids, you will be refunded of your DAOS
Last modified 2mo ago
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