How to migrate
Follow these steps to migrate your tokens to the current v3
Last item on the menu bar
Remember to choose the v3 selector to make your migration
2 - Here you will see the balance of v1 and v2 tokens that you have in your wallet
Balance for both v1 and v2 tokens
3 - You can also see the different liquidity that you own in the v1 or v2 version of the tokens
Here you could see the LP tokens you have in each liquidity pool
Use the selector to access to v1 or v2 liquidity pools
Liquidity of v1 or v2 is managed on PancakeSwap
4 - Once you confirm the amount of tokens you are going to migrate, press the Approve button and confirm your gas transaction on your wallet
Press Approve button
5 - You will have 1 transaction to approve the migration, 1 transaction to approve the spend of the v1/v2 tokens and the final transaction to the migration to v3. In total you will make between 3 to 6 transactions depending of the amount of tokens that you have in v2 or v2 versions. 6 - Once confirmed all the transactions, the swap will be made between v1/v2 tokens to the v3 versions:
You will swap NFTL v1/v2 for DAOS
You will swap CTF v1/v2 for CTF
The swap will be made in a 1:1 ratio, so you will receive the same number of tokens that you had in previous versions
Now you are ready to enjoy the v3 of CyberTime!
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