How to farm SAVENFT
Use our pools to farm $SAVENFT
1 - In the frontpage of you will find the available pools:
Pools available to farm
Distribution of SAVENFT rewards: DAOS - 59% CTF - 20% SAVENFT/BNB LP - 20% BUSD - 1%
2 - Press the "Select" button of the pool you are interested in. Remember that you need to have in your wallet the CTF amount required for the Token Pass to access the pools
you need to have in your wallet this amount of CTF ($25 worth)
3 - In this case we are going to deposit in the SAVENFT/BNB LP pool
Approve the access to the pool
There is a 10% fee on the Claim of SAVENFT before the end of farming There is no deposit or withdrawal fee on your deposited tokens or LP
Reminder of the fees
4 - After you approve the pool, you will find the "Unstake" and "Deposit" buttons
Unstake | Deposit buttons
Reminder that at the momento of create and remove the liquidity of SAVENFT-BNB LP, you will have to pay the 5% tax. To deposit the LP there is no tax.
5 - Press deposit and select the amount of tokens or LPs that you want to deposit
Reminder of the Token Pass
6 - Once you have approved the transaction in your wallet, you should see the balance on the display and the amount of SAVENFT available to claim
There is a 10% fee if you claim before the end of the SAVENFT farm
Enjoy CyberTime 😁
Last modified 2mo ago
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