How to buy CTF / DAOS / SAVENFT
How to buy our tokens using ApeSwap
1 - You could go straight to the β€œBUY” button in and it will take you to the trade page directly
Buy button takes you to ApeSwap
Or you could go to -> Trade -> Exchange
This will be the swap interface of ApeSwap
2 - In case the tokens don’t appear in the interface, you need to paste the contract address in the search bar and press the IMPORT button and check the "I understand " box
DAOS 0x6b7Ccd19B78F57EFaa89e6291b8834831C2F539f
CTF 0x655a46cd88e18a338ece048228a388c25bfda9f3
SAVENFT 0x4e8e6b4f70ae735008848ee74ea603d1f8d9ae20
Here you paste the contract and press the Import button
Check the "I understand" box
3 - Then you can select the amount of tokens that you want to buy and it will give you an estimated cost in the tokens that you are trading (in this case BNB)
We want to buy 10 CTF tokens to get the "Token Pass"
In this case there is no slippage needed for DAOS or CTF, but to avoid any failed transaction, try a 5% slippage SAVENFT has a transfer tax of 5% so the slippage must be between 6-10%
4 - Press Swap, confirm the Swap and then confirm your gas fee on your wallet
Confirm your swap and the transaction in your wallet
And there you have it! Enjoy our CyberTime Tokens Thanks for being part of our ecosystem
Last modified 2mo ago
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