Frequently Asked Questions

Why you distribute token via farming not presale or ICO?

Because you can get NFTL tokens without spending! During farming, you can withdraw your money at any time + farmed NFTL tokens

How to get involved in farming?

  1. Add your tokens to one or several pools on the cybertime.farm website

  2. After adding tokens, you will start receiving NFTL tokens

  3. At any time, you can add tokens to the pool to increase your share and receive more NFTL tokens. You can also withdraw all your tokens from the pool + earned NFTL

  4. You can add NFTL tokens to the NFTL / BNB liquidity pool and start receiving CTF

How to get native token NFTL?

​NFTL native token NFT Fantasy League platform - NFTL.art, which is under development You can get NFTL in one of 4 ways: 1. Participate in Cyber ​​Farming Week's. Nearest from February 25 to March 03 2. Buy tokens on PancakeSwap - NFTL / BNB 3. Participate in a competition among crypto artists when the NFTL.art platform is launched 4. Participate in the Fantasy Team competition

How to get governance token CTF?

​CTF is a governance token for project management. Allows you to receive votes on the project From 19 February on site cybertime.farm you can add you PancakeSwap Liquidity pool share and receive CTF. You can add 2 pools shares: 1. NFTL / BNB 2. CTF / BNB

What exchanges will NFTL & CTF tokens be offered on?

During the launch of Cyber ​​Farming Week on February 19, NFTL & CTF tokens will be available in pools on PancakeSwap. We also collect proposals for placement from other exchanges and will vote among the community about the next placements

Why CyberTime?

Because initially there was a concept with a collection of exclusive NFTs. It was concept, that each second = NFT. Then we think, that each author can take 1 minute (60 sec) and create NFT. So it will be exclusive series of NFT with 1440 unique NFT and different authors. Idea, that when you can buy "time" inspired us πŸ˜‚ First came CyberTime v1, where there was only an NFT store on OpenSea. But we went further and decided to create a whole ecosystem, so CyberTime Finance appeared with its line of unique products.

On what basis did you choose the number of available tokens?

CTF = 86,400 tokens 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours = 86,400 seconds per day. Who said you can't buy time?

NFTL = 86,400,000 tokens 1 second = 1000 milliseconds. The NFTL platform is a different resolution, different speeds. Milliseconds are so fast that we don't even notice them. NFTL is an opportunity to plunge into another reality