🎁 LP Holders Gifts

Add liquidity DAOS/BNB + CTF/BNB on v3 and get 0% fee on your deposit and $15,000 in prizes!

0% deposit fee Within 14 days we will refund the commission for your deposit. Add LP to our pools and earn $CTF. After adding LP pools to the "Farm" section of Apeswap, add liquidity there and earn $BANANA. $15,000 Prizes to LP Holders
Add liquidity to v3 pools and receive gifts in the form of Mystery Box #0. Mystery Box #0 will contain a unique collection of NFT residents of Daopolis. They will have a number of privileges in the game, and in addition, they will have different rarity.
How will the $15,000 prize pool be distributed?
  1. 1.
    Be one of the first to add liquidity to the DAOS / BNB or CTF / BNB pools at cybertime.farm
  2. 2.
    Get $100 for every $1000 of LP added to the CTF / BNB pool and $100 for every $2000 added to DAOS / BNB
Important! One wallet can win no more than $1000 in the CTF / BNB pool and $500 in the DAOS / BNB pool
Among the users who added amounts less than $1-2k LP to both pools, we will give away $1,000 and randomly select 10 winners. ApeSwap LP From v3 version all liquidity will be placed on DEX Apeswap. We chose this site for a number of reasons: 1. Successful partnership. We have already held a joint action together on the Apeswap platform. 2. Help with liquidity. If our liquidity for each pool exceeds 100k, Apeswap can place the pools in the Farm section with a reward in $BANANA 3. Future collaborations. ApeSwap is the #2 DEX at BSC. They have created their own NFA (Non Fungible Apes) collection and are close to us in spirit.
We are confident that working with ApeSwap is a step in the right direction!
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