CyberBox NFT Marketplace
Welcome to Cyberbox, the best NFT Marketplace the Celo Blockchain!
Our mission is to create a NFT Marketplace that brings together the whole Celo community. We are 100% dedicated to every Celo NFT project that exists or is looking to establish themselves for the future. We try to provide the best experience to our community by listening to them and engaging with them to create a prosperous enviroment for any user, trader, NFT lover and crypto enthusiasts.
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CyberBox NFT Marketplace
You can also access the marketplace with the Metamask mobile app
Metamask mobile app
Connect your wallet to our site using Metamask
Pretty soon we will have the integration with WalletConnect and the Valora App
Once you are logged in you can check the "My Collection" tab where you will find all the NFTs in your wallet available to list on the Marketplace
The button is easily visible in desktoo
In mobile you will find the menu touching the box where your address is
Metamask App
You can also check the Rankings page in the main menu with some statistics about the different collections listed on the Marketplace.
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