🀩 Grants for NFT Artists

We are launching a series of grants to support NFT artists

What needs to be done to receive a grant?

  1. Fill the form on site NFTL.art or here

  2. Qualify for the CyberTime Fantasy League

  3. Submit 4 works for the auction

  4. Enjoy your sales 🀩

When the auctions start, we will redeem 1 NFT of each rarity from a special fund to support artists. Subsequently, we will distribute these NFTs among the active users of our community. As a result, the amount of the grant will depend on the NFTL rate and, in terms of dollars, will start from $400- $500 and above.

We are waiting for your applications to collect Fantasy League from unique NFT artists! In the first phase, we will allocate 1,000,000 NFTL to support NFT artists





NFTL Price

$ Grant

22 July 2021

Teddy Rohmansyah


118,517 NFTL



30 July 2021

Marta Maffei


87,670 NFTL






206,187 NFTL