🚜 Cyber Farming

Our official farm site: сybertime.farm​

After April 10, 2021, you need to upgrade your version 1.0 NFTL and CTF tokens to version 2.0 on the CyberTime migration portal before you can access farming. Learn more about the CyberTime token migration portal​

Why you distribute token via farming not presale or ICO?

Because you can get NFTL tokens without spending! During farming, you can withdraw your money at any time + the farmed NFTL tokens.

What are the advantages of farming?

Security of your investments πŸ”’ Audit from Certik Foundation and a white hacker trusted by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and more.

You do not lose your savings πŸ’° All your tokens will remain with you. You can withdraw tokens from the pool at any time. In pools, your tokens work and you earn!

Huge APY at the start πŸ“ˆ Whoever enters first will receive huge profits due to the limited supply of tokens on the market. You can immediately sell the NFTL token on PancakeSwap, or start farming the CTF governance token.

No pre-sales 🀝 Token prices are formed by the market itself

Longread about farming by CyberTime CEO Dmitry Boshenyatov with calculations:

How can I get involved in farming?

  1. Add your tokens to one or several pools on the cybertime.farm website

  2. After adding tokens, you will start receiving NFTL tokens

  3. At any time, you can add tokens to the pool to increase your share and receive more NFTL tokens. You can also withdraw all your tokens from the pool + earned NFTL

  4. You can add NFTL tokens to the NFTL / BNB liquidity pool and start receiving CTF

What can I do with NFTL tokens?

You can add them to the NFTL / BNB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap and submit your LP token to our pool at cybertime.farm. Then you can start farming governance tokens CTF.

Is there a token distribution scheme?

In total, 30% of tokens will be distributed through farming. Check out the dates and details of farming on a separate page.