How to access the whitelist
Daopolis NFT Collection
There will be 250 Daopolis NFT to be sold at first. And the cost will be 2 CELO.
After it sold out, there will be 500 NFT available at 5 CELO. Only whitelist members will have access to this sale.
The next batch of 1250 NFT will have a cost of 10 CELO. The next batches will have 2000 NFT each and their cost will increase by 5 CELO each. There will be 9192 NFT in the collection. The last 192 will have a cost of 50 CELO.

How do you get whitelisted?

1 - Join our discord server and click the "check" in the CyberDyno message after reading the rules
2 - React to our 🔐unblock-channels welcome message where you will find different sections of our discord. In this case we are going to choose the Daopolis reaction.
3 - You will find now a ❕invites channel in the "Whitelist" category, inside it go to the pinned message to read the rules about the whitelist.
4 - The rules are simple, you need to invite 5 users to our server and they need to join and not be "fake" accounts. Use the /invite command to check the total amount of invites that you have. In the pinned message there is a leaderboard list that updates every 15 mins. Some invites are considered "fake" when the account invited were just created
Once you checked the amount of invites send a message to @Fernando | CyberTime or @Asya | CyberTime or any admin from the CyberTime team to validate the requirement. You will be given a "whitelist" role and a form to complete and be one of the first ones to be able to mint the exclusive Daopolis NFT Collection.
How to invite people on the server? It is something simple: Once you got your Daopolis whitelist role, go to the menu from the server and choose the "invite people" option, you can also choose that the link doesn't expire in 7 days and make it permanent.
5 - Once you got the form link, you will need to login with discord to answer the form (this is from our CyberDyno bot dashboard)
6 - Once completed you will now be one of the firsts to be able to mint the Daopolis NFT collection
7 - Join the ⚪whitelist-discussion channel to have the latest news and chat with the rest of the whitelist members
Last modified 5mo ago